Where did 2016 go?

It’s hard to believe that 2016 has been relegated to the history books and 2017 is already rocketing along. When we left Cooktown last year, heading north to the Flinders Islands in Bathurst Bay, I had every intention of keeping the blog updated. Of course, I should have known that the Telstra map showing coverage Continue reading

Maggie Island

I love North Queensland! We hopped on the bus to go to Nellie Bay and the driver was busy checking up on the health of one of his elderly regulars who’d been taken ill yesterday. Same driver on the way back announced to the bus via the PA that ‘the couple that wanted to buy Continue reading

Mossman Magic

GW and I headed north to Mossman Library on a stunning winter’s day. I love driving with GW. It’s as though we’re in our own little untouchable bubble and I treasure the closeness of it. I also have a captive audience for mulling over the next story which is already clamouring to be heard 🙂 Continue reading

A long time to heal

Long after a cyclone or a natural disaster the devastation still remains. Yasi’s destruction has been all but forgotten except by those who are still rebuilding their lives. The rest of us move on. I spoke to a woman recently who said she lived at Mission Beach. ‘How are you doing?’ I asked, thinking she’d Continue reading