Maggie Island

I love North Queensland! We hopped on the bus to go to Nellie Bay and the driver was busy checking up on the health of one of his elderly regulars who’d been taken ill yesterday. Same driver on the way back announced to the bus via the PA that ‘the couple that wanted to buy something for their camera should get off at the next stop. It’s their best bet.’ He also randomly stopped to let passengers off to save them a walk. Service – all delivered with a gentle smile.

We’ve had three glorious days on Magnetic Island. It’s just off the coast from Townsville and I’ve flown over Maggie more times than I can remember during my 18 years with QantasLink.

Horseshoe Bay, where we are anchored,  is a stunning spot on the northern side so it’s great for sheltering from the south easterlies. Dinghy access to the beach is easy as it shelves very quickly – for once ours didn’t fill up with water while we were off exploring.

There are heaps of walks – and some of them not for the faint-hearted nor croc wearers (Graham please take note 😀 ). For history buffs there are several sites left over from the Second World War. During the war the Americans had a grand plan to use the granite from Castle Hill in Townsville to build a causeway out to Maggie – I’m glad they didn’t do that!

Magnetic Island was named by James Cook who believed it had interfered with his compass as he sailed past in the Endeavour. That theory’s since been disproved, but the name has remained.

If you’re up this way I strongly suggest you take a side trip to visit Maggie – she has a charm all of her own. We head off to tomorrow to Orpheus Island for a couple of days. Hopefully the weather will stay calm and we’ll find some coral for more snorkelling.


A lovely lady leaves shell art in the sand on Maggie Island – how wonderful is that!


I love the textures in the tide line.


This rock looks so precariously balanced!


The sand has a different texture up north – and its own special beauty.


Horseshoe Bay – look left!


Horseshoe Bay – look right!


A curious brahminy kite that took a closer look at us 🙂


One thought on “Maggie Island

  1. Helene, I too love Magnetic Island. It’s such a beautiful, happy place. We visited the island 7 yrs ago and hired a mini moke so we could take advantage of exploring the island. My parents did this with my sister and I when we were kids. It was like going back in time. We had the best day and I have some great photos.
    Such a shame we skipped it on our last trip!

    Sounds like a very caring bus driver. And I’m still laughing about Graham’s croc wearing hiking shoes. LOL! Can’t be any worse than Steven wearing thongs whenever we go walking or hiking. But I think he’s slowly learning!

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