Difficult themes in a story

Lauren at The Australian Bookshelf is hosting the NORTHERN HEAT Pre-release Blog Tour today. Some themes in books are confronting and difficult to write. NORTHERN HEAT threw up some challenges for me and I hope that I’ve done the story justice. Drop by and share your thoughts at The Australian Bookshelf. Catch up on any Continue reading

A long time to heal

Long after a cyclone or a natural disaster the devastation still remains. Yasi’s destruction has been all but forgotten except by those who are still rebuilding their lives. The rest of us move on. I spoke to a woman recently who said she lived at Mission Beach. ‘How are you doing?’ I asked, thinking she’d Continue reading

And the sun rises after Yasi

Trinity Beach seems to have survived Cyclone Yasi with minimal damage. There’s a lot of vegetation down, some awnings missing, broken fences and debris everywhere, but the sea hasn’t inundated any of the low lying areas. We still have power and, more amazingly, phone and internet. Friends higher up the hill slopes of Trinity Beach Continue reading