The high tide this morning meant there was a likelihood of some low-level flooding in Cairns. I believe Machans Beach saw water over its rock wall.

At Trinity the waves were chaotic, but they only delivered sand higher up the beaches. I think the Life Guard Hut will still be there tomorrow 🙂

Trinity Beach, Cyclone Yasi

Vasey Esplanade was one long line of cars and utes as residents came to inspect. Several of our friends were there checking out the community gardens we collectively care for. There is some damage, but nothing that a good prune won’t fix!

Trinity Beach, Cyclone Yasi

Jack, Allan and Bev at Trinity Beach


6 thoughts on “Aftermath

  1. Hi Mea, ‘choppy’ doesn’t describe it at all! It was pretty busy last night and today hasn’t been much of an improvement… Hope you’re well and what are you doing in Cannes???

  2. We haven’t lost power, Sandy, although friends around have. The phones, however, are intermittent…

    The trees have been hit pretty hard here but at the moment the rain is causing grief. I’ll be posting a couple of photos shortly with this afternoon’s drama…

  3. oof good job you’re all ok!!!

    CNN news is updating me (in Cannes) saying its still quite ‘choppy’ for you dont really think that describes it very well!

    keep safe! beware of those crocs 🙂 xxxxxx

  4. Hey Helene, What’s the estimate on getting power? I just spoke to Ma and Pa in Townsville. They said not much residential damage (they had none) but all the trees have taken a hammering. Dad said the estimate on getting their power back on was between 5 days and two weeks.

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