And the sun rises after Yasi

Trinity Beach seems to have survived Cyclone Yasi with minimal damage. There’s a lot of vegetation down, some awnings missing, broken fences and debris everywhere, but the sea hasn’t inundated any of the low lying areas.

We still have power and, more amazingly, phone and internet. Friends higher up the hill slopes of Trinity Beach lost power last night as the wind started at 7pm. They are still without it and it may be some time before crews are able to restore it.

Cyclone Yasi damage

Cyclone Yasi damage

Beach at Trinity after Yasi


10 thoughts on “And the sun rises after Yasi

  1. Thanks guys. It was a wild ride. Zeus slept peacefully – appears it’s only thunder and lightening that upsets him. High winds didn’t even make him flinch.

    It will take a little while to clean up and power is still out in a lot of places but the sight seerers are out and about.

    Will post a couple of more photos later but better go and help GW or I won’t be in the good books!!

  2. So glad you and your hubby (and dog) are OK. I wonder how the crew of SERAS PATROL felt, they are filming at Mission Beach

  3. Had a text message from Sharon and they seem to be fine too, although they aren’t allowed outside yet as the high tide surges are just about due. So pleased to know you, G and Zeus are ok. Had a sleepless night worrying about you all! F x

  4. Great to hear that you and G and Zeus are fine! Hope you can get some sleep today. It’s such a relief that Cairns hasn’t been hit too badly (I’m assuming my cousins up there are also fine), but yes, worrying about Mission Beach and other southern places – hopefully we’ll hear more soon.

  5. That’s amazing. Just looks like the landscape had a big party last night and one of the revellers smashed a few things, but nothing more!!! A few hours and it will be like it never happened.

  6. The eye tracked straight over Mission Beach and Dunk Island, Suzanne. I can only imagine how terrifying it must have been for them. There are so many small towns in that area and they were forgotten in the aftermath of Larry so I hope that doesn’t happen this time…

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