2 thoughts on “And wait…

  1. Thanks Bron. I’m getting ready to sign off for the night. It’s been a long day and the night will feel endless.

    Hope your trip to Sydney is just a routine check up and really hope you enjoy Shattered Sky!

    Thanks for your kind thoughts.

  2. (if this posts twice, my apologies – delete one!)

    Sending positive thoughts that the night passes without too much drama for you! I’ll be checking for news from Qld first thing in the morning – although i know that with power and possibly mobiles out, there may not be much.

    Glad to see the man and the dog getting some rest while they can – hope you’ve snatched some, too!

    In non-cyclone news, I bought Shattered Skies today at Dymocks – and also saw it at Big W. I’m so looking forward to reading it – probably Monday, when I’m flying to Sydney for the day.

    Hugs and love to you and G.

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