Cairns to Low Isles

We snuck out of Blue Water marina, disturbing the mirror finish on the water, and headed into the sunrise. The valley to the south of Cairns was hiding in rain, but the sky to the north was clear. There’s a certain tension to every departure. Will the forecast be accurate and our next anchorage welcoming? Continue reading

Heading north

After a crazy, busy month it’s time to head north again. We’ve had a good stay in Blue Water Marina and have managed to catch up with a few of our friends  – apologies to those we didn’t manage to connect with… Roobinesque is sitting lower in the water, filled with enough food and fuel Continue reading

Looks can be deceiving…

When a friend dropped around this morning for his weekend triple-shot-expresso we told him we were headed to Port Douglas for lunch. ‘Try the services club,’ he advised us. GW and I looked at each other and smiled politely. Services club in Port? If it was any good we’d have heard about it before now Continue reading