Looks can be deceiving…

When a friend dropped around this morning for his weekend triple-shot-expresso we told him we were headed to Port Douglas for lunch. ‘Try the services club,’ he advised us.

GW and I looked at each other and smiled politely. Services club in Port? If it was any good we’d have heard about it before now wouldn’t we?

Apparently not!

The Port Douglas and District Combined Services Club is another hidden treasure now added to my list.

Thanks, Pete 🙂

The Tin Shed!

The Tin Shed Deck

The View


13 thoughts on “Looks can be deceiving…

  1. We dined in the Tin Shed when we were in Port Douglas last year Helene, and loved it. We were lucky enough to have a table overlooking the water, and had so much water activity to see while eating a beautiful lunch 🙂

  2. Port is lovely, Suzanne! Mum remembers visiting there when she was a young woman and it was just cane fields and a fishing village! The view hasn’t changed, just the ambience.

  3. Hi Helene,
    We missed out when we were up that way, but managed to get to Port Douglas. Nice spot with killer views.

    We also had a great day here for a change. 🙂

  4. Sounds lovely, Sandy:)

    Cathryn, it’s not so tropical today…. GW has just dug his slippers out! Something heartwarming about a man in slippers cooking dinner 🙂

    And that great big knife Zeus bought him for Father’s Day?? It even folds washing!!!

  5. Ah, well, if it’s lambs fry he’s after, next time your down we’ll go up to North Tamborine. There’s a great little ‘locals’ cafe…

  6. Lambs Fry and Bacon, Cathy?? GW is is booking his ticket south as I type – that would be one of his all time favourite meals!

    Sandy, you’re right – it’s that low key almost apologetic entrance so synonymous with RSLs 🙂

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