RuBYs and Diamonds

I’m exhausted, I’m uplifted, I’m smiling, I’m suffering brain overload, I’m inspired and I’m finally home.

That can mean only one thing – I’ve been to the RWA Diamonds Are Forever conference on the Gold Coast. Every year it gets better and this was no exception. The fact a professional organistation like RWA is run purely by volunteers is amazing. To run a conference for 350 writers with a volunteer team is an extraordinary achievement and Fiona Gregory and her team pulled it off with style.

Thank you, ladies, for the wonderful speakers like Eloisa James and Alexandra Sokoloff. Thank you for bringing together so many publishing professionals. Thank you for running it in the QT Hotel – the funkiest spot on the Gold Coast. Thank you for doing it all with a smile on your faces and an ever helping hand. Thank you!

To make my weekend even better, Shattered Sky was awarded the Romantic Book of the Year, which means my Border Watch series has been recognised in two consecutive years. It doesn’t get anymore humbling or rewarding than that!

Thanks RWA for wrapping me up in yet another warm group hug. It was a gem of weekend filled with diamonds and RBYs 🙂


12 thoughts on “RuBYs and Diamonds

  1. Thanks, Jenn, it was wonderful to share the night with so many great women!! Love your confidence for next year but I’ll just keep smiling at the two on the shelf 🙂

  2. I totally agree with you Jenn! Definitely a trifecta on the way! I wasn’t surprised either…in fact I think I told you that you would win, didn’t I Helene 😉

    Fantastic result, and thrilled you had such a lovely time 🙂

  3. I was so thrilled for you (but not surprised). I think I may have even whacked G in the back out of excitement as we cheered. Having had the pleasure of Burinign Lies I do feel a R*BY trifecta coming on!

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