7 thoughts on “I’m packed!

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  2. France? Really? You’d have me as a star boarder?? Will I need to bring a coat?

    It might encourage GW and H to get off their backsides and take the boat for a real sail if they knew I was waiting for them in France safely tucked up with your family.

    We’ll talk further – call my agent 🙂

  3. Hi Zeus,

    You dont look completely comfortable about all this – even on that cute bean bag of yours. Are you sure you want to be an ol’ seadog? And are you really sure that that is a water tight dog food barrel and not a plastic gas bottle for Helene’s onboard BBQ?? It’s not too late to get a visa for France …

  4. Hey my little white fluffy friends!! You will be most welcome aboard.
    I’m optimistically taking those balls for the many beaches they keep telling me about:)
    Very proud of my water tight dog food barrel. No weevils, no rising damp in this Staffie’s tucker!

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