Writer adrift?

Time to break out the champagne – and this time it’s not to celebrate the launch of a new book (although that’s coming in June 2013!!). No, this time champagne is called for because, after fifteen years of dreaming and planning, the next phase of our lives is suddenly here.

We’re about to become live-aboard yachties! Of course, there are still a few hurdles to jump through, like a pre-purchase inspection and sea trials, but all things being equal we will become the new custodians of ‘Dignity’ a Lagoon 420 catamaran. It’s stretched our budget a little so I hope Zeus is going to be happy eating rice and vegetables for the next few months 🙂  (I guess Vivienne Francine’s Boutique is also going to see a reduction in sales and perhaps Chateau Cardboard will become the drink of discerning sailors….)

But she’s a lovely boat with a beautiful vibe to her and a history of cruising with her current custodians. You can find their blog at Aboard Dignity. Hopefully we’ll catch up with Steve and Helen before hand over, not only to pick their brains for the finer points of the yacht but to wish them well with the next phase of their lives.

Before then there’s lots to do including GenreCon this weekend in Sydney and the edits to finish on ‘Half Moon Bay’ (the title is still not quite set in cement but the good folk at Penguin Australia are working on it!).

Nothing like using every hour in the day!


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  1. Thanks, Jo, still have to see the surveyor’s report and sort out a couple of things but she felt very right to me.

    We’re hoping to start the journey north by early December with no set timetable to get to Cairns. We’ll see how things go. It would be lovely to catch up with you on the water somewhere on the east coast!

  2. Congratulations Helene! It’s a wonderful feeling when you find your boat at last. And welcome to the world of liveaboard sailors! Will you start cruising or stay in the marina for a while yet? We’re still in Darwin but thinking seriously of heading east early next year, weather permitting, and working our way slowly down the east coast. Plan #794, anyway…

  3. It is a huge change, Jayne, and I am a little nervous as well extremely excited.

    Great to meet you on the weekend too. We writers spend our lives ‘chatting’ to other writers on line so it’s wonderful to be able to put faces to names. Mind you, I always lose my voice at these events from talking so much…

  4. Congrats on the big move! What a fantastic lifestyle change… i hope it’s everything you dreamed of. From the sea to the sky.. you have a very exciting life Helene 🙂

    It was lovely to finally meet you in person at GenreCon!

  5. Hi Richard, she is definitely designed for comfort not speed but we’re looking forward to a steady amble up the QLD coast. It will no doubt take several lengthy sessions to get to Half Moon Bay, but looking forward to being near neighbours!!

    Now about that celestial navigation 🙂

  6. Thanks, Margaret. It is a huge change and I’m sure there will be pitfalls both on land and at sea that we will need to navigate our way around but we’re looking forward to the challenges!

  7. Congratulations. Good specs and a very comfortable home. I look forward to catching up. You have also chosen a delightful place to live. R.

  8. Brett, we still have to check that detail out. I know there’s a hefty inverter, but not certain about shore power although they were plugged in so it clearly works!!

    They motored her from FIji to Australia after the rig went overboard and alternated the engines so the fuel capacity is okay if you’re only running one. And GW has a deep aversion to motors when sails are available 😀

    Steve and Helen are organising to spend a few days showings us the ropes (provided Steve’s health is up to it after his treatment) which will be good.

  9. No great problem Helene. A lot of electronics these days will run on multiple voltages and you can get step up and down transformers easily and cheaply. How do they connect to shore power here? I’m guessing a fairly hefty 240-110 down transformer. The specs don’t mention it. Coming from a power boat background the fuel capacity seems light on but if they’ve been cruising the world I guess its enough.

  10. Brett, thanks for the caution. It is one of the things that concerns me a tad but I guess all these things are surmountable (no doubt at a price!). Fingers crossed for us that the inspection and sea trials go well 🙂

  11. Hi Helene, congratulations. Love the boat and she is beautifully fitted out by the sounds of it. The Onan will be a major plus but just be careful not to plug any of your 240 volt appliances into the 110 volt system she is wired with. Brett

  12. Thanks Brenda! We hope Zeus settles in to his new home…

    This weekend should be fantastic -catching up with writing friends and talking! What’s not to love about that!!

  13. Cathryn, I’m looking forward to more time with my boys and being about to write while bobbing around on the water.

    A large part of Shattered Sky was written in the Whitsundays moored off Lindeman Island.

    And of course I start part time flying in December 🙂

  14. Congratulations Helene! She looks gorgeous. I’m just reading ‘Lucky goes to Sea’…I think Lucky and Zeus need to get together for a chat 😉 Enjoy Sydney this weekend, good luck with everything else 🙂 xx

  15. I’m not the Captain on this ship, Cathy 🙂

    Think I prefer the Ride of the Valkyries for our theme song! Or Orinoco Flow? Or A Little Further North Each Year?

  16. Just in time, Cath. GW has two weeks to go then the very steep learning curve begins!

    Zeus is still oblivious… I’m sure he’ll see the benefit in his new home eventually.

    Loved this month’s HT!!

  17. Oh, Helene, GW and Zeus,
    I’m so pleased for you. Dignity looks beautiful and dignified 🙂 Happy inspecting and sea-worthy-ing!

    And before retirement countdown ends too! What great timing 🙂

    Good luck!!

    Cath xoxo

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