Where was Hornblower when we needed him?

Lying in bed this morning we debated for five minutes whether we were listening to heavy dew or light rain dripping on the decks. It was still dark, but the only thing I could see through the hatch above us was the anchor light at the top of our mast. Where were the stars? Turns Continue reading

Haul out the wet-weather gear…

Today was all about patience…The rain showers gifted us more rainbows this morning and just enough sunshine to complete the sanding of the hulls. By midday the sky was leaden and the rain had settled in for the day. We’ve almost run out of small jobs to do so I snuck in a couple of Continue reading

Writer adrift?

Time to break out the champagne – and this time it’s not to celebrate the launch of a new book (although that’s coming in June 2013!!). No, this time champagne is called for because, after fifteen years of dreaming and planning, the next phase of our lives is suddenly here. We’re about to become live-aboard Continue reading