Haul out the wet-weather gear…

Today was all about patience…The rain showers gifted us more rainbows this morning and just enough sunshine to complete the sanding of the hulls. By midday the sky was leaden and the rain had settled in for the day.

We’ve almost run out of small jobs to do so I snuck in a couple of hours writing and started on Freya’s story. I only have 1500 words to show for my work, but the story’s started with a rush and I’m looking forward to seeing where Freya takes me!

We headed to the marina restaurant for a quick lunch – I think we were the two most disreputable diners, dressed in our work clothes and training shoes in amongst lunching ladies.

This afternoon we scrubbed Roobi’s decks and cleared off the blue residue left from sanding the hulls. She’s now being thoroughly rinsed by the rain and glistening white again.

The weather means we’ve pushed our departure back to next Monday and the earliest lift we could get was 3 pm so all up we’ll have had a week on the hard stand. Not what we had in mind but hey, we can’t control the weather. At least the marina showers have plenty of hot water!

Hope the sun was shining for you today.

A deserted boat yard washed by the rain


2 thoughts on “Haul out the wet-weather gear…

  1. In my selfishness, I’m VERY glad to hear you’ve got extra time for writing! Can’t wait to read Freya’s story. I hope you enjoy your enforced land stay and get great weather for Monday’s launch.

    Cath xo

  2. Hi Helene Glad you were able to start writing …. You may get more done mean as you have to stay there longer as long as you don’t have too many long lunches lol. Hope the weather clears up for you and you can start your new life

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