Busy day at Boat Works

It’s been a busy day at Boat Works! Sadly the beautiful rainbows we were treated to all morning slowed down the sanding works. Luckily Roobi came out of the water surprisingly clean despite being last lifted 18 months ago.

Weather permitting we’ll start painting the anti-foul on tomorrow afternoon, but we’ve pushed back our lift for re-entry to Friday afternoon in case we find any other little jobs along the way.

I love the hustle and bustle of a working marina with a hard stand – the term used for the cement areas where boats can be worked on. Boat Works provides the equipment to lift the boats, the storage area, access to tradesmen, suppliers and a whole lot of little extras like guest en-suites for those of us still living aboard our boats even though they aren’t in the water!

Since we were here last they’ve added a restaurant that makes great coffee, laundry facilities, courtesy cars and working marina berths. The staff are all just as helpful as last time and even recognised Capt G! And the other yacht owners around us are a friendly group so we’re in our element doing some work, having a chat and enjoying the ambience.

Here’s the day in photos!

Roobinesque having a bast 🙂

Roobi under a rainbow

Wear and tear on a propellor


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