The rest of our lives starts now.

So here we are, it’s Day 1 of the rest of our lives.

Capt G and I sailed out of Manly Marina in the dark, heading south instead of north, to do a couple days quick maintenance down at Boat Works. The wind was a brisk southeasterly that grew stronger as the day progressed.

I have to admit to feeling a little daunted, a little nervous this morning, but excitement has finally taken hold. 18 years ago this was just a plan, nothing more than a dream. I never doubted it would happen, but some days it was hard to see the horizon through the clutter.

Now we’ve left safe harbor and we’re heading into the future. We have two push-bikes, two kayaks and a dinghy to replace the two cars. Roobinesque is sitting a little lower in the water full of cheddar biscuits, (spam, courtesy of Albertina…), flour for bread and a couple of hundred kilos of assorted food stuffs. (There’s also about a year’s supply of toilet paper…)

Sure we’ve been living aboard for two years, but life has still been subject to the rhythm of work. Now time is our own. I’m itching to start writing Freya’s story and Capt G is on a mission to find adventures. There will be compromises to be made on both sides, but I’m certain that after 30 years together we’ll be able to navigate our way through those eddies and shoals.

We’ve said farewell to Brisbane and some of our friends this week, but the internet means we’ll still be in touch, still be part of your lives even though we’ll be bobbing around on the ocean.

I’d love you to come on the journey with us, to keep us updated on your life. Life’s too short and friends are too special to leave behind.


Helene and Capt G.

PS. Here’s a taste of the day that was 🙂

A very happy Capt G being chased by the Straddie Ferry

A drive-by visit from the water police

Seaworld Research out and about

A real hunter and gatherer 🙂


24 thoughts on “The rest of our lives starts now.

  1. Hi Helene, Have a safe and memorable trip. Looking forward to hearing about your adventures. If you’re coming this way, I hope you packed your thermals.

  2. I love that you’ve been able to sail into your dreams! The internet’s amazing, so we’ll be able to journey with you, which is such fun. Enjoy! Can’t wait for Freya to get a good HEA.
    Love Cath xo

  3. Hi Helene & Capt G,hope you both have safe voyages where ever you a sailing to😄 I am looking forward to hearing about all your wonderful adventures on the high seas😀 Happy writing & happy sailing😉
    All the best

  4. Freya eh??? (somewhere in the back of my mind…there was a thought)

    A wild, surreal feeling doing what it was that was dreamed about, planned (albeit with some flexibility included) and then when things like the cheddar biscuits are being loaded, the boat is actually having the final prep… the to do list is done and the reality of … “oh wow … it’s happening” starts to murmur beneath the surface.

    … neat eh? yep, I agree, life’s too short.

    Take care and fair winds Grand Roo Bin Esque. Make sure the sails are adjusted to what you’re after – ‘cos the wind’s with every sailor…

    Cheers and the very best to you both.

    Gab & The Commodore

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