Haul out the wet-weather gear…

Today was all about patience…The rain showers gifted us more rainbows this morning and just enough sunshine to complete the sanding of the hulls. By midday the sky was leaden and the rain had settled in for the day. We’ve almost run out of small jobs to do so I snuck in a couple of Continue reading

The rest of our lives starts now.

So here we are, it’s Day 1 of the rest of our lives. Capt G and I sailed out of Manly Marina in the dark, heading south instead of north, to do a couple days quick maintenance down at Boat Works. The wind was a brisk southeasterly that grew stronger as the day progressed. I Continue reading

Hidden gem

I find it hard to believe that I lived in Brisbane on and off for thirty-five years and I never realised the beauty of South Stradbroke Island. Capt G and I used to camp on Moreton and Fraser Islands when we had our big old toyota land cruiser, but we never ventured to South Stradbroke. Continue reading

Final leg

We did it! Cairns to Brisbane in 14 days. Now there’s just enough time to visit Mum in hospital, sort out a mooring, clean the boat, finish a book, pack, and then fly to Freo on Thursday for the RWA conference. The journey’s been a little frenetic at times and with a strong wind warning Continue reading

What’s a dog to do!

This journey is something of a flyer so there hasn’t been much time to stop and enjoy.Thankfully moving at 5 kts means we can take in the scenery as we go and the whales, ever obliging, came to us!  But if it weren’t for Zeus we would have carried on sailing without stopping so I’m Continue reading

Scooting along!

There is nothing so satisfying as waking from 8 hours of solid sleep – nothing! This morning’s dawn was mauve and lilac, a serene way to start the day. Having Zeus aboard means we visit far more beaches than most yachties, which also means we see the sunrise from a different vantage point. By the Continue reading