Final leg

We did it! Cairns to Brisbane in 14 days.

Now there’s just enough time to visit Mum in hospital, sort out a mooring, clean the boat, finish a book, pack, and then fly to Freo on Thursday for the RWA conference.

The journey’s been a little frenetic at times and with a strong wind warning forecast for this evening we sailed through the night to reach the relative safety of Moreton Bay. The whales have been a constant companion and as we bobbed at anchor off Cowan Cowan we had another visit from an extrovert who put on a fine performance. For once I left the camera alone and enjoyed the moment. It’s very different when you have the wide angle view rather than one through the confines of a camera lens.

Zeus is convinced we’ve gone insane. Each beach visit it’s been harder to coax him back aboard. I think he’s going to appreciate going for a lovely long walk when we dock.

First stop once we’re berthed, will be off to the hospital to visit my mum who’s been there for most of our journey after she had a fall. At 91 she’s doing remarkably well, but it will be good to spend more time with her.

Capt G has been a tower of strength as always and so often on this journey I was reminded why I fell in love with a man who was a friend long before he was a lover. I wonder if it’s a coincidence that Noah and Darcy, the main characters in my next book, are old friends. Perhaps I’ve finally written Capt G into a story. (But don’t tell him that. He goes a lovely shade of pink when he blushes!)

Ahead on the horizon Brisbane is finally starting to emerge from its layer of haze. The giant cranes on Fisherman’s Wharf almost make me think of the book, The Day of the Triffids. The city has grown in the 16 years since we last called it home and there will be much to discover, including the best way to avoid traffic jams…

Thanks once again for coming with us on this journey. I’ve promised Capt G and Zeus next time we head north we’ll be cruising with no plan, no schedule and no time pressures. Until then there are planes to fly and books to write. I’ll leave you with an eclectic selection of photos that haven’t been posted on Face Book.


We were a long way off shore and this delicate looking vessel glided by

Moored near Kingfisher Bay at Fraser Island

The old jetty and boiler at North White Cliffs

Traveller Cairns on Cockermouth Island - love the idea of each new traveller adding a stone

One morning in the Whitsundays the rigging was covered in spider's webs

Coral at Hexham Island

The night shift.


16 thoughts on “Final leg

  1. Thank you, Sandy 🙂 Mum’s doing well, Zeus is definitely delighted to have long walks again and Capt G will be reading the first draft this week so I’ll see if he spots anyone familiar 🙂

  2. Phillipa, sleep is over rated 🙂 Thanks for you good wishes for Mum. She’s doing well and looking forward to a visit tomorrow just as soon as I land from the red-eye special from Perth!

  3. This is a lovely entry. Thanks for sharing your journey and photos. Hope your mum is recovering well, Zeus is thrilled at his new land legs and Mr G never finds out he’s been immortalised (so long as he knows he’s worshipped). Best of luck for the future.

  4. Just catching up with reading and I noticed on fb you seemed to be travelling a lot. I’m glad your mum is on the mend. Enjoy Freo (while Zeus enjoys land lol). Take care.

  5. Gee, Helene, you should be able to cram some more activities into that lazy lifestyle of yours!

    Well done on your mammoth sailing/writing journey and best wishes for your Mum. Now I think you should cycle to Freemantle, you probably have enough time and you could edit on the way!

  6. Thanks for you good wishes, Billy-Jo. It’s lovely to be able to share some of the magical moments of our journey with you.

    Happy to report Mum is doing well and is off to rehab today so she’s definitely on the mend. She’s a feisty wee 91 year old 🙂

  7. Helene thank you for sharing your adventure, I have loved reading your daily writings and beautiful pictures. Sorry to hear you mum is not well, so I wish you Capt G & Zeus a lovely time in Brisbane. I hope to meet you in person one day.

  8. Thanks, Noreen, it was lovely to see Mum yesterday and a relief to see she’s on the mend. I think I’ll be asleep at conference!! Will miss having the NQ girls there for the weekend…

  9. Lol, Jenn, and it’s been lovely having you along with us in cyberspace on the journey! Capt G is a champion blusher – goes with that red hair (which has matured to a distinguished salty grey:-) ) – don’t think he’s read the blog yet!

    And regards to S & D from Z!

  10. Thanks, Brenda, Mum was much brighter than I expected yesterday and she’s off to rehab.

    It’s been lovely to have you along for this journey as well and look forward to more!

  11. Glad you arrived safely. I hope your Mum is improving so you can relax at the conference. Zeus will be pleased to be on land more often. I enjoyed following your journey.

  12. Yay! Have so enjoyed your adventure from the dry, windless (well, not if the dogs are around) comfort of my loungeroom! Thank you for those lovely pics. Love the stones. And love that Capt G blushes (you actually made me choke up with your words). Oh, no, wait, that’s the dogs wind! 😉 They send their Grrrrr to the old sea dog!

  13. So glad you have arrived safely Helene! But what a trip…well done 🙂 So sorry to hear your Mum had a fall, and do hope she is/will be alright. It must have been a terrible worry for you on the journey down the coast.
    Thanks for the lovely photos and updates for the duration, it was great to watch from afar 🙂 x

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