What’s a dog to do!

This journey is something of a flyer so there hasn’t been much time to stop and enjoy.Thankfully moving at 5 kts means we can take in the scenery as we go and the whales, ever obliging, came to us!  But if it weren’t for Zeus we would have carried on sailing without stopping so I’m very grateful the salty sea dog needs a walk morning and afternoon.

So many people have enquired about his welfare and how he’s coping. The most asked question by far is ‘How does Zeus cope on the boat with going to the loo?’


We tried fake grass and he looked at us as if we were stupid. Then I tried a basil plant as he’s always had a preference for nipping into garden beds to look after the plumbing. That got me a bemused look and a sneeze. Then we tried putting all of that in the spare shower and he refused to talk to us for a day.

Finally we came to a mutual agreement – one rope and one grate is his for a wee stop. For everything else we make sure we take him for a walk twice a day. (Which is a little tricky some days, especially as National Parks abound!) He’s got exceptionally good at getting into the dinghy to head to shore, but he’s a little more recalcitrant about the return journey. Zeus clearly has some guidelines about appropriate length of walks and he will not be moved…

So here’s a snippet of Zeus and his side of the journey.

Good morning, is it really time to get up?

Stop taking photos! Just get me to the beach before I burst!!!

I'll get it, I'll get it, somewhere in here is the best ball ever!

Maybe I should let the old fella win for a change...

Wadda ya mean it's time to go? I've only just found a stick!

Really? We have to lift the anchor again? But that was the best beach EVER!

Well, in that case there's only one thing to do... Good night...


10 thoughts on “What’s a dog to do!

  1. Thelma, Zeus used to have quite a bit of discomfort with arthritis when lived ashore. We’re not sure why but since he’s been on the boat he’s much more comfortable and is happy going of medium sized walks again – which is great for the human crew as well!

    I’ve got my winter woollies ready for the trip to Fremantle on Thursday as the temperatures do look a lot lower then here!

  2. We both felt very bad dragging him off the beach, Sandy. On the journey north we made sure he had plenty of play time. This trip it was off the beach, have you finished yet? Great, back aboard, up anchor and away. I will not be doing it again that fast!

  3. Brenda, Zeus was refusing to go out on the very back deck this time – not ever cooperating for photographs! I think he enjoyed nightshifts the most as he was allowed on the bed. That way we knew where he was at all times – he also made a pretty darned special heater 🙂

  4. Hi Helene

    Wow, what a journey you’re all on, and especially Zeus, the Boat Dog. How wonderful that he’s taken to the onboard life so sweetly and loving it with his Mum and Dad. I’m envying your weather at the moment, it’s still a bit coolish over here in Mandurah. Happy Sailing guys.

  5. He looks so happy on the beach, Helene, (Zeus that is—mind you Capt G has a big smile) bet that makes you feel hard-hearted when you have to leave.

  6. Hi Sandy, it’s always a joint task as we have to take him ashore in the dinghy. I’m usually the one up the front so I’m the one with wet feet as we come ashore 🙂 In fact Capt G has managed to stay completely dry on a couple of occasions…

  7. How cute. Glad to hear you’ve come to an agreement. I’m guessing it’s hubby’s job to do the walks in poor weather. I take the boss (that’s Zeus) doesn’t suffer sea sickness.

  8. Hi Helene and Zeus (and Captn Hubby)

    As usual, the LEGEND, Mr Zeus steals the show. A lovely post yet again and a great way to start my day.

    Such a fantastic trip to take via proxy with you.

    Have a great day’s sailing.


    Gabrielle (with regards from Nero and Bunson)

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