Scooting along!

There is nothing so satisfying as waking from 8 hours of solid sleep – nothing! This morning’s dawn was mauve and lilac, a serene way to start the day. Having Zeus aboard means we visit far more beaches than most yachties, which also means we see the sunrise from a different vantage point.

Dawn at Cape Upstart

By the time we rounded the cape and headed north the wind was back to a zephyr so we hoisted our light air sail only to find the wind drop away completely. With the mainsail up, and one motor humming, we bobbed along enjoying the mirror like conditions. The colour of the water is amazing – photoshop could never do it justice!

Eventually back came the breeze and this time from the north-east, so up with the sail again and we scooted along for the day.

Waiting for the wind north of Cape Upstart

The pretty blue gennaker

Just before we stopped at Bona Bay on Gloucester Island, so Zeus could have his afternoon wander on the beach, I heard an ‘uh oh,’ from Capt G. Never a good sign…

One of the lazy jacks, which are part of the system that secures the mainsail as it’s being raised and lowered, had come adrift. So instead of a quick walk and pushing on through the night I ended up being hoisted in the bosun’s chair to retrieve the recalcitrant pulley so the system could be repaired. The view as always was magnificent!

We’re spending the night here and we have another Lagoon, Casablanca, for company. Tomorrow we’ll be sailing through the Whitsundays and if the met bureau is right then the gennaker will be flying and the day will be beautiful.

See you then!

Sunset at Bona Bay


10 thoughts on “Scooting along!

  1. Thanks, Noreen. It would have been stunning behind Dunk for sunrise! Thankfully I’m vertigo free at the moment so going up the mast was okay. It might be another matter if the world was already spinning 🙂

  2. It was a magic day, Brett. And Capt G was in his favourite spot on the boat watching the day slip silently into night. No fish yet… Will need to have serious discussion when we get to Bris 🙂

  3. Love the photos. Glad all is going to plan. We were out behind Dunk Is this morning. The sunrise was beautiful but I didn’t have the camera. No fish but a turtle popped up. It was quite cool till the sun was up properly. How’s the vertigo when you’re up the mast?

  4. I love that shot of Graham looking out over the stern towards Cape Upstart. What a magic day. A nice change from the start of the trip for you guys but I guess you wouldn’t mind a nice little 10 knot northerly.

  5. Kerrie, I just make sure I don’t look down until the job is done… I still have that wave of uncertainty wash through me as the rope tightens and my feet leave the deck 🙂

  6. Brenda, I certainly have a close up perspective of a ‘birds eye view’,,, Not sure I can work that into the latest plot but I’m sure it will appear one day!

  7. Especially after you haven’t had too many good night sleeps in a row!

    I can’t imagine the trip up the mast was much fun for you at present. Today in the Whitsundays should be absolutely magnificent. Enjoy!

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