There she blows!

Last night’s sail was hard yakka and I was grateful that social media kept me awake to 6 am and the end of my watch. I don’t think my bed has ever looked soooo good… Capt G was most amused and even snuck down to snap a photo of Zeus keeping an eye on me. Or something…

But the day got better! At one o’clock I was busy wrestling one of Darcy’s scenes into shape when Capt G started yelling, ‘Whales on the starboard bow!’ He killed the motors and we drifted as a pod of six went through their fin slapping routine. It definitely looked like ‘demonstration, assisted practice, unassisted practice’ for a young calf. Most of my photos didn’t work as I was on a high zoom, but eventually they meandered our way for a look see before heading north again. A magic moment indeed.

Then to top it off, Capt G cooked a delicious meal and we watched the sun set as late arriving boats hurried for the safe harbour of Cape Upstart. We’ve decided to stay put tonight and press on tomorrow. Looking forward to a good night’s sleep!


8 thoughts on “There she blows!

  1. Lol, Sandy, he snuggles so close even when it’s hot! It was a lovely day and today is shaping up to be pretty darned special too. We’ve hoisted the gennaker and are scooting along at 4.5 kts 🙂

  2. Lizzi, hope all is well up on the hill. We miss you guys too…

    There’s certainly plenty of material being generated with our latest move although a day like today makes me want to cast off and keep sailing! Hoping for more whales as the ocean is glassy. xx

  3. Must be something in the canine gene. KC adopts almost the exact same position! 😀 I think they must be monitoring our hearts by touch.

    A beautiful day indeed. Glad one came your way.

  4. Brenda is right , some of this is very tough going but you’ll be able to reflect on this in years to come , as being a great adventure . the highs will match the lows ( loved the whales ) , and what amazing writing material you’ll be able to draw on ..
    miss you xxx

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