Hidden gem

I find it hard to believe that I lived in Brisbane on and off for thirty-five years and I never realised the beauty of South Stradbroke Island. Capt G and I used to camp on Moreton and Fraser Islands when we had our big old toyota land cruiser, but we never ventured to South Stradbroke.

We’ve spent almost a week moored here and every day has brought a new surprise. Today it was an echidna, hiding its face in a pile of sticks and hoping we’d disappear. Then the whales came cruising past and put on a show. Finally this afternoon a wallaby came within meters of me sitting on my kayak before she realised there was a stranger on her patch.

To add to the excitement at lunch time Capt G had to tow a couple of salty half-boat sailors off a nearby sand bank after they tried to take a short cut!

Sadly, the word count hasn’t made it past 2500 today, but I’m claiming the landscape’s inspiring me!

Here’s the day in photographs.

Enjoy 🙂


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