11 thoughts on “Solar Eclipse

  1. Kez, we were very fortunate to see it. The sun played Hide and Seek for most of the morning then came to the party at precisely the right moment. Other friends at different vantage points in Cairns didn’t see it so we are very thankful we did!

  2. It felt very eerie, Bron, and I did think of the Wolfman!! One of the truly amazing thing was the whole beach cheering as the eclipse appeared in a break in the cloud. Stunning!

  3. Fantastic photos! The last one is straight out of a werewolf movie! I can hear the yowls now even though its a sunny morning here …

  4. Rob and I were watching it on the internet :-). Though at times it was very frustrating that many people walked in front of the camera. I was very concerned that Mum and friends back home in Cairns would be coping it more. Hope the wounds are healing. And you thought you had the beach all to yourself. Ha!! All the best Helene.

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