A day in the new office

Well howdy folks, it’s the Salty Sea dog, Zeus, here.

This sailing caper is nowhere near as glamourous as my silly humans would have you believe. They dragged me down to the boat, didn’t bother with the mandatory safety equipment and just tossed me aboard! Β Then they kept cooing about how well I was handling it and watching me like I was in imminent danger of throwing up. For pete’s sake, I’m a Staffy and we’re built to take it!

Anyway I figured I’d better get some shut eye just in case they needed rescuing…

Next thing I know there’s all this banging out the front at one of those big locker thingys and bugger me, there’s GW on his hands and knees with a wrench. Heaven help us if the two of them are wielding tools!

Thankfully they took me for a walk after lunch and these really cool kids were bomb diving off the jetty. It looked fabulous and I can’t wait to have a go myself.

Then it was back to the boat for a leisurely view of the world. I have to say I could get used to the ever changing vista. Some highly entertaining people in this new tribe we’ve gate crashed.

Look forward to meeting plenty of interesting people and telling you all about it. Time for a nap again so ciao for now πŸ™‚


18 thoughts on “A day in the new office

  1. Dear Tansy and Skye, I love the idea of you two floating down the creek on a flood tide and dropping in to see Strawberry and Daquiri.

    I reckon if you kept floating down to the ocean I’d be able to sail in and meet you there! We have mangoes on board now – Grandma loves them so we brought a tray with us – and I’m sure the good folk at Wagtails would provide anything else πŸ™‚

  2. Wow, Zeus, that’s fancy new floating kennel you’ve got there. We love to swim in our dam, but we haven’t got a kennel in it. And I think your dam is a whole lot bigger than ours.

    We asked Bron if you could float up the creek to visit us, but she says if we had enough rain to make the creek big enough for your cata-kennel, then we’d all be swimming. So I guess you won’t be coming to visit us. That’s a shame. We were hoping you’d bring some mangoes. Maybe we’ll have to go and visit Aunty Jenn and Strawberry and Daquiri, and you could float past there!

  3. Thank you Auntie Helene. I’d love to finally meet Zeus and if his Grandma would like to come for a drive as well, I’m sure mum and dad would like to see her. πŸ™‚

  4. Hi Margaret, I’m planning on having a ball! In fact they’ve brought a dozen tennis balls aboard to keep me entertained but I reckon the view’s going to do that for me!

  5. KC, we’re working on coming for a visit with Zeus but it may be March before we get out act together. Zeus is currently back snoozing with his Grandma while we humans work on his living arrangements!

  6. Zeus! While you’re down this way, why don’t you pop down with your folks and come say hello. Your dad and mine can pour over some maps. πŸ™‚

  7. Imelda, they left my beautiful beanbag back at Grandma’s house. I am so not sleeping on a left over towel… One has to have standards!

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