A cover make over for Burning Lies

BURNING LIES is being released as a ‘B’ format in late April, a month before HALF MOON BAY hits the shelves. As always with a reprint there’s usually a little tweaking of covers and blurbs.

Penguin Australia have gone one better and given BURNING LIES a complete cover make-over.

What do you think??

I love it!


31 thoughts on “A cover make over for Burning Lies

  1. Love the colours Helene. It looks like her hair is glowing like the fire in the background. Awesome sight and awesome read.

  2. Thanks, Jess, and I hear you’ll be at ARRC13 this weekend! Please make sure you track myself and Bron Parry down as it can be very busy. We’d both love to catch up with you!

  3. You’ll be there in spirit, Brenda 🙂

    Thanks, Sandy, I think they’ve nailed it!!

    Thanks, Amanda. Half Moon Bay is just as beautiful as this one in a very different colour 🙂

  4. I checked my review Helene, and they were there, word for word!! I am extremely honoured 🙂

    Have fun this weekend, Jess is looking forward to the whole event! She’s very excited 🙂

  5. Thanks, Brenda, I think I may owe you a thank you for the words?? I must track that down 🙂

    Bron, I wish the size of the letters denoted the size of the stardom – GW and Zeus are concerned I won’t fit on the boat if I start believing the press 😀

    Can’t wait to catch up this weekend – we both have much to celebrate!!

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