The drive from Bunbury to Ellenbrook took a little longer than planned this morning with a car and a truck having a nasty altercation on the highway causing a major disruption. Then, just when we thought we’d make it on time despite the delay, a runaway trailer from a B-Double took out some traffic lights. I’ve been so impressed with the fantastic roads and infrastructure in WA it was a shock to find ourselves stuck in a traffic jam not once but twice!

Thanks to the lovely audience who waited patiently for us to arrive and to Sharon, the Ellenbrook Librarian, and her team. It’s wonderful to meet so many other writers as well at these events. West Australia is a very creative state!

It was also great to have Dymock’s Books from Ellenbrook there supporting the event. With less than ten percent of the audience having e-readers the booksellers still have plenty customers 🙂

Sadly I had a camera malfunction (it may have been operator error…) and only managed to get one photo of the event. This one’s of me sat on a beautiful sculpture in the forecourt of the library – most appropriate!

With the rest of the day off my very gorgeous publicist, Ali, took me on a tour, (despite having already driven me for four hours – she’s amazing!) There’s an affluent feel to Perth with its sandstone walls, wide streets and cosy collections of cafes and boutiques. I can see why Capt G loved it so much when he was a backpacker in the 1980s!

We ended up at Cottesloe Beach for coffee at the Blue Duck. I’m always blown away by the stunning coastline in the West and, for an East coast girl, there’s some thing magical about the sun turning the ocean silver as it dips into the water.

I had a night off last night and had the pleasure of sampling some wonderful food at Vans in Cottesloe – it certainly helps having a guide who knows the area because dinner was divine.

Today I’m off to Gosnells Knowledge Centre for a literary morning tea. Looking forward to that then it’s on to an aircraft and off to Adelaide.


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