House or a home

It’s official. The house we called our happy home for the last fifteen years will soon be looking after a new family. The walls and floors are gleaming, the windows are sparkling and the garden is a riot of glorious winter colour. It looks better than it did when we first bought it – of course I may be biased!

Walking through it yesterday for a final run with a polishing cloth I revisited the good times, the robust debates and the wonderful memories we’ve shared under its roof. I hope all that love and happiness keep the next occupants safe. Some houses make me smile and this has definitely been one of those.


6 thoughts on “House or a home

  1. We’ve moved the good bits aboard Roobi so it will still feel like home to you, Bron. Can’t wait to see you guys soon!!

    As to those floating gin palaces in the Med? Overrated 🙂

  2. Great house made even better by all that gleaming paint! Oh yes, and as always, love your plants. Guess you got the green thumb… I will be a little sad, too, not to be visiting you in your beautiful house, but looking forward to checking out the yacht. Bron xxx PS When you come over to check our house out, you HAVE to drop boy St Tropez – some of the ‘yachts’ there are so big they make Roo Bin Esque look like a bathtub toy …

  3. Glad you enjoyed your wonderful happy home for the past 15 years Helene, and you’re not sad to move on now 🙂 I wonder if in 15 years you’ll be saying the same about Rooby? 😉

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