Safe Harbour Launch

A huge thank you to every one who joined us last night at the North Queensland Aeroclub to help launch SAFE HARBOUR into the world. As always it was a fabulous evening and the only downside is I only took 3 photos! I’m hoping plenty of those who attended have photos they can share.

Kerstin, Andrew and Holly from Collins Booksellers Smithfield came along for the evening. It’s wonderful to have such a supportive local bookseller. I hope they never retire!!

Richard Dinnen, my favourite local ABC presenter, also very generously gave up his evening to come along for the night. We had a chat once everyone else had left and it will air on his afternoon drive time show on Monday ABC 106.7 FM.

We’re relaxing this morning with friends who live on the Tablelands. We woke to a blanket of fog and the chorus of birds in the trees outside instead halyards slapping on masts. It’s a wonderful reminder of why we loved living in North Queensland!


5 thoughts on “Safe Harbour Launch

  1. Hi, Helene. Had a lovely night at the launch. It’s taken me a week to get two other reads out of the way (I’ve abandoned one of them) to start ‘Safe Harbour’. Am so enjoying it! I’ve had to drop it to go out tonight, but will now read it till my eyes close and take it with me tomorrow.

  2. Lovely night Helene. The ‘little boys’ were cooked to perfection by Capt G. It was nice to catch up with members of our small group again. The book is great with lots of twists and turns. I hope we don’t meet any of those baddies though.

  3. Congratulations Helene on another great book and a beautiful cover! Glad to hear the launch of SAFE HARBOUR went so well!

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