Sorry for my absence…

Please forgive me for neglecting my blog, but sadly life is at capacity right now…

I have managed to hit ‘send’ on the latest round of edits for Northern Heat, but for the first time in six books I’m not entirely happy with my work. I know there’s another round of significant editing to go so I’m confident it will be in better shape then 🙂

Meanwhile I thought I’d share some photos of what Capt G, Zeus and I have been up to!

Chook chasing

Driving tractors

Exercising horses

Cloud Gazing 🙂


2 thoughts on “Sorry for my absence…

  1. Jenn, you’re one hundred percent correct! Way too busy and in danger of overrunning all aboard RooBinEsque! Hope you’re finding some time to relax and watch the world go by too 🙂

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