Pre-release Blog Tour!

To celebrate the upcoming release of NORTHERN HEAT I’m going on a blog tour to visit some of my favourite reviewers and bloggers. I hope you’ll join me as I chat about the story, the inspiration, the music, the setting, as well as writing craft and the mysteries of voice overs – love the sound of Conor’s voice in the trailer 🙂 What do you think? Does he sound as sexy as he looks in my mind??

Love to hear your thoughts both now and during the tour.

Happy Reading



2 thoughts on “Pre-release Blog Tour!

  1. Hi Helene… after your brief of “I like dark chocolate double espresso” for the tone of Conor’s read, I knew I came across the right one in the final choice! Such a great production process. A pleasure to work on it for you……

    Have a great tour, cheers,

    Gabrielle @ Trailermade

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