Well, really…

I know that I’m a glass half full kind of person, ever the optimist, but I’m grateful that a good friend, Liz, posted a comment on Face Book last week about remembering that it doesn’t really matter what state the glass is in because it can always be refilled.

Today started with a sublime sunrise at Moon Point, followed by an easy run across to the Great Sandy Strait Marina where Capt G did a truly awesome job of reverse parking Roobinesque into her pen. We had brekkie, wrote up a shopping list and then went to get the bikes… Sometime in the last two days someone, with a pair of heavy duty bolt-cutters, had taken a shine to Capt G’s black avanti bike. My poor bike was looking most forlorn parked on her own. Thankfully, we were able to borrow the marina’s ute for the shopping, but it did put a dampener on my day. Capt G was much more philosophical about his loss. I felt quite betrayed…

Thankfully the rope we’d been waiting on did arrive this afternoon and that was enough to distract me from my sulk. Up the mast I went, towing the new mainsail halyard. That’s when it struck me that the glass really can be re-filled. I couldn’t possibly be anything other than exhilarated 20 metres up in the air with only the birds for company. Yes, my adrenalin got a work out, and I have a couple of new bruises and scratches, but it’s all about perspective.  It’s easy to get lost in the busy mire of every day living.

Stick your head up and have a look around. It’s amazing what you might see 😀


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