A ‘tail’ of perseverance…

Tucked in the top of Platypus Bay on the western shores of Fraser Island we found the humpback kindergarten today and the lessons seemed to be tail based.

Whale calves the size of dolphins, closely chaperoned by their giant mothers and aunts, were learning the art of tail slamming, tail stands and graceful re-entries. Some were more spectacular than others, some clearly more skilled. In amongst the prima donnas were some heart-felt sighs as tail stands went spectacularly wrong. It kept us captivated for hours.

It was also a giant sized lesson in the power of perseverance. Talent will only take you so far. Hard work will take you the rest of the way. And that’s life!

How it should be done

And then there were these!

And I'm going to have a tantrum if this goes wrong...

Then there was time to cruise


2 thoughts on “A ‘tail’ of perseverance…

  1. Very lucky, Susanne, and I have to keep pinching myself that we’ve made our dream happen. Some days it doesn’t seem real and half expect to wake up and realise I have to go to work tomorrow!

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