Hurry up and wait…

Life doesn’t always play by the rules. We’re still in Hervey Bay, despite having the perfect weather pattern to sail north, because we’re waiting for new rope that should have arrived on Friday  (at the latest), but according to Australia Post’s tracking system is currently in Sydney! Bit of shame as it was trying to travel from Archerfield in Brisbane to Hervey Bay – a mere 4 hour drive north on a truck… We’re hoping it arrives Monday so we can get going.

The upside is we’re out playing with the whales again and catching up with good friends, Wendy and Mark, aboard Temptress – another Lagoon 400 which must have shared the production line with Roobinesque. (I like to think of Temptress and Roobi as sisters 🙂 ).

We’re moored at Triangle Cliffs on the western side of Fraser Island tonight. The water is glassy, the wind’s somewhere else and above us the Milky Way is living up to its name casting a mellow white path across the velvet sky.

It may have taken 18 years of hard work to get to this point, but on a night like this I know it was worth it!

Popped up to say hello!

Waved farewell with her tail

Capt G getting the dinghy ready to go visiting

Sunset at Triangle Cliffs


4 thoughts on “Hurry up and wait…

  1. Thanks, Sue. I love being able to share the world we’re so privileged to be experiencing 🙂

    If the rope turns up tomorrow then we’ll head north. If it’s lost on a holiday in Sydney then those whales can expect another visit from us!

  2. Always love your photos, Helene. The one with Capt. G in silhouette is pretty cool. Your blogs are very interesting, I enjoy reading them. I hope you receive your rope soon so you can enjoy more of your water cruising. Nothing worse having to wait for something when you’re itching to get going.

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