Time to cast off again

What a busy couple of weeks we’ve had! Between Melbourne and the RWA Conference, watching the whales play in Hervey Bay, helping Captain Alana celebrate her wedding in Port Douglas, catching up with friends in Cairns (love playing with their menagerie of animals) and getting the good news from the accountant in Cairns that the tax man won’t be asking for any additional money this year, we’ve barely had time to stop. But that’s about to change.

We’re aboard Roobinesque with a couple of last minute jobs to do – like send me up the mast again to change the mainsail halyard. The food stores need to be replenished, fuel and water has to be topped up and then we’ll be on our way again. The weather’s looking good for the weekend so fingers crossed we’ll be hoisting the spinnaker and heading north for the Keppel Island group.

Today’s rainy, blustery and chilly in Hervey Bay. It’s nice to be snug aboard. Hopefully we’ll be off on a shopping expedition with Wendy and Mark, good friends and fellow Lagoon 400 sailors, who are in the marina as well for a few days. It always lovely to catch up with friends 🙂

I’m itching to start writing my next story – it will be a little different, perhaps even a little more personal than previous books – and can’t wait to resume our journey. Stand by for more sunrise and hopefully whale photos!

Meanwhile here’s a slice of last weekend’s action 🙂

Charity and her ever so fluffy chicken

Congratulations to Alana and Stuart Wark on their gorgeous wedding day

The view from Rex Lookout on a glorious spring day

A balmy sunset at Rex Smeal Park

A face to make you smile every time 🙂


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