Merry Christmas from the Sim!

Some of the crew at Ziapinas in Mascot

Pete B, Vil, Dave, Cappie, Pete, Barry, Sam B and Crystal

I know my husband is convinced I live the high life when I’m in Sydney with work, so just to prove him right here’s a photo from the other night!

Cappie (Capt Owen Capp, head of the table in black) has a favourite restaurant – Zia Pina in Mascot – so we all crowded in and took over. Over the years waiters have referred to unsuspecting(and now embarrassed) FOs as my sons. Between them and the owner calling me signorina, I get a laugh every time I go there… That night was no exception.

Looking at the photo when I downloaded it for this blog it struck me that there were three generations of  QLink pilots at the table (as well as father and son ‘Team Barbagallo’, although Pete has defected for a Brazilian love affair…) Twelve years ago Sam and Cappie trained me and Pete. Now we’re training Dave, Vil and Barry.

Vacancies right across the two fleets will see a number of pilots swapping seats to take up their first commands. Congrats to all of them – soak up the knowledge and enjoy the challenges. It can be bewildering, exhilarating and downright difficult at times. But that’s why we love to fly! After all, despite what some people think, we aren’t bus drivers…

I remember my own first tentative steps in the airline industry. There are quite a few Captains still with QantasLink who have trained me over the years.  Capt Millroy did his best on the Twin Otters, followed by John Gazzard on the Shorts, then Ringers, Capt Cook (Lyle that is, not  his more famous namesake, James…) Tubby, Cappie, Youngie, The Don, Sam, Brett, John and Pete on the Dash. One of my early trainers still fronts up for a shoulder massage any time I see him in the crewroom – payment for all his patience during my training… Thank you, gentlemen, for continuing to be such fabulous mentors!  See you in the Sim building (or Zia Pina’s) in 2010.

The blog will be on holidays for a week, so Merry Christmas to you all. May 2010 bring you much love and laughter.



4 thoughts on “Merry Christmas from the Sim!

  1. January 25 2010
    Hi Helen thanks for the information on your website I have found some interesting reading. I will be watching the book stores for your new book
    cheers Tony

  2. Hey Helene,
    Brett and I were only musing recently about being the older experienced ones the young ones look up to and wondering when the devil that happened. Seems like only yesterday he was a young buck FO and now he’s been fleet captain, check and trainer and done all sorts of interesting flying in amazing places. I’m just along for the ride – and loving it! Wishing you, G and Z a Merry Christmas and Happy New Year.

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