Young by name… criminal by intent…

Young by name, criminal by intent? Well, why not?

Friday 12th March I’m slipping down to Melbourne to meet the wonderful people in the Sisters in Crime Australia!

I’ll be joining Felicity Young, a West Australian author who writes gritty police drama with a very complex heroine, and we’ll be chatting with Lindy Cameron about all matters of criminality and writing. You’ll find the details on their website – the evening starts at 6.30 pm at the Bell’s Hotel, 157 Moray St, South Melbourne.

Love to see you there!


5 thoughts on “Young by name… criminal by intent…

  1. Hi Janet, thanks for dropping by my blog! Had a fabulous night last night – will have to put up a post tomorrow with photos – they were all very welcoming and Felicity Young was lovely.

    I did think long and hard about the dedication and acknowledgements. GW deserved something special for all his support as did Bron and the rest of the crew. I had no idea how many people went into producing a finished book…

  2. Hope you had a great night at the Bell’s in Melbourne Helene – wondering how many novel ideas you have filed away – jusy waiting for you to have the time to develop?
    Forgot to tell you – I loved the dedication in the front and the cheery, heartfelt way you acknowledged Bronwyn and everyone at the end of your book.

  3. Hi Amanda, would love to have you seen you there…

    And that first chapter of yours is an absolute ripper! Well done –
    2010 is going to be a good year!!!

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