Feel like a swim?

Ok, ok, so I’ve always been obsessed with water and swimming. I think it has something to do with being tossed in a swimming pool when I was six months old 🙂

A friend sent me these photos of the latest resort to open in Singapore. Gives new meaning to a ‘wet edge’ pool!

Now I’m going to have to scheme a side trip just to see ‘Sky Park,’ in the Marina Bay Sands development, for myself. Anyone got any stories or photos to top this one???


9 thoughts on “Feel like a swim?

  1. Purely in the interests of research, I checked the prices for the infinity pool … I mean the hotel. You can afford to stay there the next time you try to come to France, at least for one night anyway …

  2. Hi Helene

    I know I’m very old fashioned …. but where’s the safety rail???

    Maybe pilots have a different attitude towards heights …

  3. Crikey! That’s an infinity pool if ever I saw one. My height phobia cut in just looking at that second photograph. I’m intrigued by the ‘broken-dish’ like object on the far right. Whadyareckon it is?

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