Disney Downunder – (This is for Sandy and other fish lovers :-)

Following on from a blog post earlier this week, Bron sent me a photo of the three storey castle in the fish tank Wolfie’s goldfish call home. Try as I might I couldn’t upload it into the original post, but I was so impressed I decided it needed a post of its own.

Being more of a ‘dog’ person, I’m intrigued by her obvious attachment to the little fellas 🙂

So courtesy of Bron, (The Platy she’s referring to is Sandy’s fish, so you can see there are more of these fish fanciers out there!) here’s the photo and story!

Wolfie's Fish tank

Here is a picture of the three-storey castle in the fish tank so you can show Platy what it looks like.  We considered shipwrecks and crumbling Greek temples but wanted something inspirational for the little darlings so settled on this Disney-style construction instead.  (In fact the Disneyland castle is supposed to have been inspired by the medieval town of Carcassonne which is more or less just up the road.  It was restored in the nineteenth century and is now World Heritage Listed even if those cute little upside-down ice-cream cones on the top of the towers were not an original design feature … but I’m guessing  Platy doesn’t worry too much about whether things are to scale?) Anyway she may like to know that the dark orange flash in the bottom, left-hand corner of the picture  is the aquarium bully.  When he gets out of line the Hand of God descends and knocks smartly on the glass.  Its the same hand that removed our only fatality …  and the big bully scoots behind the plants and hides …

Ouch is all I’m going to say…. Helene xx


18 thoughts on “Disney Downunder – (This is for Sandy and other fish lovers :-)

  1. Hi Cathy, just back from a week of Walking with Wellies in the West of England – so apologies for the delay in replying – we’re still drying out ….

    Loved WWD – amazing how you can cry over the fabricated fate of an anamatronic replica of a long-dead predator with huge teeth …. can’t specifically remember seeing pooh, although you’d think Dinosaur Pooh would be hard to miss … but that was pre-fish so maybe I hadn’t been sensitised to the subject yet ….

  2. Hey Bron, did you ever watch ‘WALKING WITH DINOSAURS” we watched a “making Of” special the “Dinosaur Poo” in one epsiode was sawdust bound togther with whitle glue, thrown off a lader by a guy off camer with a shovel (guess the real Dino was constipated) 🙂

  3. Euuhwww, that IS gross, Bron. Midway through my brekkie, scanning my emails, and where do I end up?? A ‘sorry it’s kinda gross’ post – the title said it all really… 😀

  4. Hi Cathy and Sandy,

    Even though I am an amateur goldfish scatologist I still feel a bit queasy when I remember that scene in Jurassic Park where the blonde female lead rubbers up and plunges elbow deep into a heap of steaming dinosaur doohdooh… Me, I’m happy to just look from the other side of the glass.
    Cathy for more info on goldfish pooh, try this link … its one of many but has a very catchy address … http://www.aquariumadvice.com/forums/f12/goldfish-poo-trouble-sorry-its-kinda-gross-125712.html

  5. Lovely, I get home from the Tropical Writers Festival and find I’ve missed a whole day of amusement 🙂

    Cathy, I’m with you… Vacuuming fish seemed a little bizarre… I have Nemo like visions of them being sucked up and flushed…

    Bron and Sandy, I think we nee video proof of these exercise routines!

  6. Mood lighting, wow! We don’t have anything that flash, just one blue light and one white. We have provided the little snappers with an exercise current though.

  7. So far our cleaner fish is coping well so haven’t outsourced that service yet. However they do have mood lighting, heating for winter and a cooling vent for summer…

  8. Hi Bron, I’m sure the goldfish appreciate the upside down ice cream cones otherwise they might expect underwater archers or frogmen to be taking aim from the parapets – and that wouldn’t do a darn thing for their relaxed lifestyle! 🙂

    We had background checks done on all our fish to make sure they’d play well together, so no bullying in our tank. All the HoG has to do is conjure the daily miracle of food – oh and the vacuuming.

  9. Hi Cathy

    We tried to build new Sleeping Quarters with leggo. Colourful enough. But unlike the Titanic, it refused to sink ….

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