Sunday bike-ride

Locked in another hotel room for the last two nights I’ve been delving into my photos of home. It may sound crazy for a pilot, but I’m really a homebody who loves nothing more than family and friends around me, in a familiar environment. Consequently, my computer has hundreds, maybe thousands, of photos of special people and places. I don’t leave home without them 🙂

Last Sunday Graham and I went for a bike ride and I snapped a couple of shots of my favourite places.

Hope you enjoy them as much as I do 🙂

Board walks at Palm Cove

Red Peak from the Old Barron River Bridge

Saddle Mountain under cloud


6 thoughts on “Sunday bike-ride

  1. Because the economy is struggling in Cairns, Cathy. The rental market for houses is very tight as people are renting rather than buying. We’re seeing more and more Fly in Fly out miners moving in and they seem more mobile and less likely to settle in one place…

    And the tourists are still missing….

  2. It was lovely on the weekend, Sandy, then we broke every rain related record for October! Most rain in a day in October, most rain in October (and that was delivered all in one day worth of downpours…) and the coldest October day on record!

    Zeus assures me it was also the most thunderstorms with the greatest number of lightening strikes in October but he may be mistaken since he was wedged under a bed between the tax returns, suitcases and shoe boxes…

    Good to hear your mugs arrived and are beautiful. I’d definitely go with the cake plates – send her a photo and she’ll match anything!

    Saw your other half yesterday grinning like a cheshire cat as he headed off for a flight in a real aircraft! I, on the other hand, was dragging my heels out the door being checked on a check…

  3. Looks like you’re enjoying some lovely weather up there. Mind you, you got a caning the other day with the rain – even for Cairns.

    The Tanya Sarianti mugs I ordered have arrived and are – as you would expect – beautiful. Tanya even painted two the same, something she never does. 🙂 What a lovely lady. I turned 50 on Monday so I’m going to shout myself a couple of cake plates to match the coffee mugs some very lovely people gave us. 🙂

    Brilliant idea with the iPhone. I think my other half does the same – though I’m pretty sure you’ll find boat pictures on his phone!

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