Writing Races?

They say writers need to exercise their writing muscles to keep them strong, so what better way than to sprint for an hour or two!

Queensland Writers Centre has an online department called Australian Writer’s Marketplace Online – AWM Online. It’s a wonderful resource for writers covering everything from advice to on-line courses, to forums. Every Tuesday night they have a guest author join them for a one hour writing sprint. I was fortunate enough to be invited to participate. I had a ball chatting to the guys and some of that discussion has been posted as a blog on their site. You can find it here at  http://blog.awmonline.com.au/.

So if your muscles could do with a tone up put aside an hour on a Tuesday night – QLD time 8 pm – and join in the fun!!

And meanwhile happy reading and writing to you all!


3 thoughts on “Writing Races?

  1. I have to thank Barb Hannay for some of the more insightful ones in the article. She has such a wonderful clear way of explaining some difficult concepts!

    Hope your editing is ripping along – I’m sure you don’t need a total rewrite, Amanda 🙂

  2. Great article/process ideas… Struggling with the edits (well almost total rewrite actually) now I have some new focus points!! Thanks!

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