Vengeance Born – and the winner is?

Thanks to everyone who suggested a new title for Kylie Griffin‘s third book!

I’m so glad I didn’t have to make the impossible choice. Hats off to Kylie for captivating our imaginations before we’ve even had the opportunity to read the first book!

And here’s Kylie again to announce the winners!!

Hi, everyone, thanks for dropping around. You made it so difficult to choose a winner, I decided to let the fur balls help out!

I grabbed Splat, threw all the names on the ground and let her choose/sniff one.

She sniffed one then batted two. One ended up under her, the other she chased across the floor, and I followed hoping to save it before she ate it… So, with her recommending three, the results are as follows:

*the sniffed name was Sandy, she wins the ARC

* the one Splat sat on was Peta

*the one I saved from being eaten was Gabriella

Peta & Gabriella have some book cover magnets heading their way – I’ve a few spare prizes set aside and because there was some great answers offered I thought I’d offer a couple of smaller prizes πŸ™‚

Send your details to me atΒ and your prizes will head your way!


8 thoughts on “Vengeance Born – and the winner is?

  1. Thank you Sandy for visiting Helene’s blog (I think I saw you over at another of the ones I’m touring!). I too hope you enjoy the book! It’s in the mail tomorrow!

    Splat thanks you, Peta! πŸ˜€

    All prizes have now been claimed – a huge THANK YOU to Helene for the invite to visit and for hosting me at my first blog of my first blog tour of my first book! Now there’s something to grin about. πŸ™‚

  2. Sounds like you battled all day then, Sandy… Who knew hot flushes could be so debilitating!!

    The Vengeance Born page is still there when I click on it so I don’t know why it’s not appearing for you?? I did post an Australia Day blog after it…

  3. Sorry ladies, I was wrestling with a scene and menopause yesterday.

    A huge thank you to Splat for recognising an animal lover (even though the connection was obviously psychic) and to Kylie for writing what I anticipate to be a fabulous story.

    And thank you Helene for hosting Kylie. Do you know the Griffin’s Vengeance page has disappeared?

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