The S.E.R.A Files

Today’s guest is debut author C.T. Green whose new release, The S.E.R.A. Files has just hit the Amazon shelves. I love reading about other writers motivation so here’s a quick blog bite from Cass! Welcome, Cass, and over to you πŸ™‚ Helene, thank you for hosting me on your blog. You asked me where I Continue reading

Space to write – Sandra Harris

Today’s guest is someone who’s been with me on a parallel writing journey for about thirteen years. It’s fabulous to see her debut novel ‘ALIEN, MINE’ out and about. I’ve read some very early drafts of the opening chapters and it’s been amazing watching Sandra’s writing bloom (a bit like her gorgeous garden!) It was Continue reading

Alliance Forged

What kind of a host am I?? I invite Kylie Griffin to my blog and then go out and forget to leave the welcome mat out… My sincere apologies. I feel especially lousy as Kylie is such a wonderful supporter of other writers and does an amazing job of showcasing different genres over on her Continue reading

Vengeance Born – and the winner is?

Thanks to everyone who suggested a new title for Kylie Griffin‘s third book! I’m so glad I didn’t have to make the impossible choice. Hats off to Kylie for captivating our imaginations before we’ve even had the opportunity to read the first book! And here’s Kylie again to announce the winners!! Hi, everyone, thanks for Continue reading

Griffin’s Vengeance

Today’s guest is an author I’ve been crossing paths with since I joined RWA in 2005. It’s wonderful to welcome her to my blog so close to the release of her debut novel, Vengeance Born. Here’s our conversation! Release day is almost upon you! Congratulations, Kylie, it’s a wonderful achievement. Hi, Helene, and thank you Continue reading

Steamy ashes

Today I’m delighted to welcome Maree Anderson to my blog. I love reading her blog posts as they are always hysterically funny and full of life! Her new book FROM THE ASHES has just been released by Red Sage and it looks fantastic – a very gorgeous hero on the cover πŸ™‚ And one lucky Continue reading