Procrastinator! Who me?

It’s a day off and I woke to the sound of rain tap-dancing on the iron roof. All I wanted to do was snuggle back down and sleep, but if I didn’t get out of bed and see GW before he went to work our paths would barely cross again until tomorrow evening – and it’s been a long week already…

After two cups of coffee I realised I’d woken in full procrastination mode. The only thing that will snap me out of it is a list.

I haven’t managed to get very far with mine yet, but there’s one thing you can be certain of with a pilot. We will work our way through a list until it’s finished!

What do you do to push through a procrastination urge?

To do or not to do...


8 thoughts on “Procrastinator! Who me?

  1. Never miss an item, Sandy – or some Checkie would let me know all about it if I did in a sim session…

    Words in space can be far to diverting. I’ll take a leaf out of your book and call my blog browsing a ‘morning ritual’ from now on – that should sort out an hour’s worth of procrastination.

  2. So good to hear pilots don’t skip points on a list – especially if you’ve just had a flame out. 🙂

    Procrastination usually isn’t that much of a problem for me, though I do have my little ritual of visiting favourite blogs before settling in to wrestle with words and characters. Who new insubstantial things were so powerful?

  3. It is. I always feel a frisson of pleasure when I sit down to write with hours ahead of me. I do not feel the same frisson when I have to clean a bathroom Which I now have to do. I am in fact procrastinating. Maybe I should write?

  4. Okay, hmmm….my mostest fabulous rewards are….drumroll…the actual process of writing a book – hard as it is, and having a bit of pin money to buy more books with. How’s that?

  5. Zeus will be cheering your procrastinating on if it means an end to pesky cats, but I’m relieved it’s all in your imagination!!

    I think you should list the fabulous rewards so you can check them off as they occur. I have used champagne as bribery and I was talking to a writer on the weekend who hasn’t had a drink for two and half years. She took a vow that no alcohol would pass her lips until she was published! That would motivate me 🙂

  6. I set myself a deadline that I MUST achieve or all the world’s kittens will die.

    I’m glad it’s not applicable to reality otherwise there’d be no cats on the planet.

    I drag myself through the agony of procrastination reminding myself why I’m doing this, what I get out if it when it all flows and what fabulous rewards there will be at the end of it all …. (did I say that?)
    Or I go on Facebook until I’m so bored I go back to work.

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