4 thoughts on “Friday Feast – I’m famished!

  1. Cathy, sadly my autobiography would be more likely to put you to sleep… But thanks for the kind thought! I still smile every time I put brussel sprouts in my shopping basket 🙂

    And yes, both books are available for kindle and very realistically priced!! Very happy about that as I don’t see how publishers can justify high prices on a file.

  2. Mandy, thanks so much for persevering and then leaving a comment here. There is nothing more annoying than the internet getting in the way of a good conversation!

    And OMG! I can only imagine the mess of hot oil and icecream splattered over a kitchen. It brought back a memory I’d clearly pushed to one side of me melting wax in a saucepan to make candles and dropping food dye into which clearly had too much water and the whole lot ended up on my mum’s kitchen walls… She took it surprisingly well considering… Thank goodness for tolerant mums 🙂

  3. Helene, you ought to write your autobiography! I roared at the sprouts, BTW@ are your books out for Kindle now?

  4. Hi Helene,

    I tried leaving a comment on Cathryn’s blog but it won’t let me….

    I am still laughing! What great memories you have of brussel sprouts!
    My worst cooking disaster was when I was 14. Mum was sick in bed with the flu so I decided to try and make her favourite…deep fried ice-cream-without a recipie in sight! I rolled the ice-cream balls in bread crumbs then threw them in some sizzling hot oil. They exploded with force, spewing their molten centers all over the kitchen. Mum stumbled out of her bedroom to find her kitchen dripping in goo and me in tears from the fright. Lesson learnt-always buy deep fried ice-cream from the Chinese shop! 🙂

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