Word in edgeways?

I once had a boss who maintained that a woman is issued with a set number of words per day and god help the man who doesn’t allow her to use them all… I think he was trying to say I talked too much… Who me?

Whatever the truth, Lisa Heidke and myself are using some of those words to chat about writing, life and what International Women’s Day means to us. We’d love you to join us at the Greater Taree Library. And, if the lure of our words isn’t great enough, the library is putting on a delectable feast of local food and wine.


2 thoughts on “Word in edgeways?

  1. Yay, Kerri! Very excited to know there’ll be a familiar face!! Have started printing maps and directions for my drive from Port Macquarie. Now I need to down load a few episodes of Richard Fidler’s Conversation Hour 🙂

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