Penguins in Cheltenham?

Yep! There were two. My gorgeous publisher from Penguin Australia, Ali Watts, came with me to Cheltenham library!

I started the day with a very civilised breakfast at The Hotel Windsor, feeling as though I’d stepped back in time. Next it was off to Camberwell where Ali gave me a tour of the Penguin Australia offices. I’m always a little awestruck when I see the number of behind-the-scenes people in publishing.

I was lucky enough to meet Dianne Biviano who’s worked so hard on the publicity for Burning Lies. Then after lunch we headed off to Cheltenham Library.

Thanks to the librarians, Anne and Tim, for looking after me so well. The audience were very welcoming and I had a lovely time with them afterwards, reminiscing about visiting wonderful places in Australia.

Local bookseller, Benn’s Books from Bentleigh, came along for the afternoon and it was great to meet another independent seller.

Last night I caught up with an elderly friend for dinner, which was the perfect way to finish a wonderful day. I’m heading back home to Cairns this morning and have a busy weekend ahead.

I’ve had a lovely time in Melbourne  – I could get used to chatting my way around Australia!


6 thoughts on “Penguins in Cheltenham?

  1. Ha, the fridge open indeed, Sandy! It’s all the cold air from the Tablelands!

    Lol, Cathy, the birds would have been frozen IFR!!

    Thanks, Brenda, it was a lovely afternoon.

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