Water therapy

The last two days have been hard graft, especially since I’ve been swanning around as a writer for two weeks. Seems the universe thinks I need another career…

I’ve always loved gardening and I do enjoy making a house and gardens shine, but when the real estate agent suggested cleaning the fences to make it even more beautiful I thought she was having a lend of me.

Apparently she wasn’t! I have now discovered a therapeutic but constructive way to spend an afternoon – with a water blaster. The characters in my head could yell at each other as loudly as they liked and I could even answer back without the neighbours being concerned for my sanity. The white noise of the blaster and the mindless repetition of ‘up one paling down the next’ set my imagination free.

My arms ache this morning, but GW’s must be even worse as he did the bulk of it. The fences look amazing and we hope a new owner is living in the house soon.

So next time your partner says they’re going off to gurney the path, elbow them aside and have some quality dreaming time of your own. I can thoroughly recommend it 🙂


6 thoughts on “Water therapy

  1. Sandy, that gene has been fighting to assert its control for sometime!!

    Jo, this is the start of the great ‘live aboard’ plan 🙂 We bought this rental house on the understanding we’d sell when the time was right to buy a boat! The time is almost here!!!

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