I’m sorry, but I think we’ll have to break up…

Dear TransLink, you broke my heart tonight.

You promised an evening of bright lights and city streets. You said you’d pick me up at 8.04 precisely. You said the trip would be seamless, economical, green even. You guaranteed I’d be home in my hotel room by 8.46. I trusted you… I believed you…

Instead you stood me up, left me in the dark, the hot wind howling in from the north. You left me sitting by a row of smelly rubbish bins with only a friendly brush tail possum to keep me company. You left me waiting for fifty minutes…

I’m a once bitten twice shy kind of girl so my Go Card will probably have to go to someone else – which is a shame since I topped it up today in a wave of optimistic love.

The happy taxi driver who rescued me from my abandonment told jokes, listened attentively and dropped me safely to my hotel in 7 minutes. He may cost a whole lot more, but I think it could be the start of something beautiful.

So I’m sorry, TransLink, there’s no easy way to say this, but I think we’ll have to break up.

It’s for my own good.


12 thoughts on “I’m sorry, but I think we’ll have to break up…

  1. It’s been known to quieten a ballroom full of people, Suzanne. It’s also been responsible for my uncle’s kelpies bringing the milking herd in three hours early…

    I haven’t bothered asking for an explanation. I figure it probably broke down and I’m grateful I had enough money in my wallet to pay for the taxi!!

  2. Lol Helene. I am guessing that whistle is like mine, and I have four big brothers. Good to hear you were’t stranded. Have you been given an explanation as to why they didn’t make a show?

  3. Sandy, I ran my mobile phone flat trying to photograph my bus stop companion as he swung off the wires and tried to reach a mango that must have smelt sooo sweet to his little nose.

    Consequently I was forced to whistle for a taxi – lucky I have a loud whistle!!

  4. LOL! A wonderfully written piece, Helene. I’m sure a number of us can relate. Sorry you got stuck in the dark though. At least a shining knight appeared. 🙂

  5. Capricious! What a delicious word and perfect for Translink, Anna!

    Having started so early yesterday and knowing I had another shocker today I had to surrender and catch a taxi. The cabbie was just what I needed – a perfect gentleman and a great raconteur.

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