Beach treasures

I’ve always been a bit of a beachcomber. Since I know I won’t have room for all my little treasures on the yacht I’ve started collecting photos of things that catch my eye.

This is a cuttle fish on a clump of seaweed washed up on Four Mile beach at Port Douglas.

Found anything interesting lately?


5 thoughts on “Beach treasures

  1. Oh yes! On a recent holiday to Moonta Bay in South Australia, the kids had a ball poking in rocks for crabs, carrying tiny jelly fish around and finding a bloated (dead) puffer fish. But the best find was an enormous jelly fish that we could see inside of. Fascinating.

  2. Not recently Helene, but when I was about 13 I found a perfectly formed Star Fish! Loved it, but unfortunately I lost it!! I remember thinking to myself, I want to keep this till am old! *giggle!*….:OD…Oh well, maybe I’ll find another one!! :o)

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