Logan Library Lovers

Chris Orpen

What a fabulous evening! The Logan Library welcomed Romance with arms wide open and embraced us all in a great big warm hug last night.

Thank you to Chris Orpen and her fantastic team for putting on such a wonderful evening. It was fun to spend time with fellow writers Amy Andrews and Denise Rossetti, along with Nicky Strickland and Fiona Marsden. It’s always lovely to see familiar faces. Just as special was spending time with an enthusiastic group of readers who love their books, their library, and stories. Thanks for making the evening such a great success.

The Really Good Bookshop had a brilliant selection of romance books for sale.

The Really Good Bookshop

Great to have independent booksellers sellers supporting their local community and romance.  Thanks for making the effort, ladies.

Chris had organised a full programme with something for everyone. Latin Dancers filled the ‘Children’s Corner,’ a session on iPads explained the mysteries of the tablets, the blokes huddled together and talked vintage cars while Amy, Denise and I talked romance. The trivia quiz provided plenty of laughs and then we finished with a chat from me on the inspiration behind my stories. With an avocado dip to die for the evening was complete.

The staff had also produced a gorgeous display with some amazing book art. These sorts of evenings are one of the unexpected bonuses of being a writer so thanks for inviting me. I’d love to visit again!

The wonderful audience

Myself, Denise Rossetti and Amy Andrews

Display at the Logan Library

Book Art at the Logan Library


6 thoughts on “Logan Library Lovers

  1. It was indeed a lovely evening and wonderful as always to catch up in person with you, Alison and Denise.

    The book art was amazing. Though I do not like to see books trashed, it was better than them being shredded and tossed into garbage bins.

  2. Cathryn, it was fun!!

    Sandy, I should have posted something on my blog as well… It would have been lovely to catch up.

    I understand completely what you mean about cutting up a book but I suspect libraries have to dispose of so many books this is at least a good use for them!

  3. Oh, blast it! It had no idea you were just down the road last night! It would have been lovely to pop in and see all you girls.

    You and Amy must have forgotten to tell Denise that the theme was black and white. 🙂

    I have to admit I’m in two minds about the book hearts. On one hand I love the concept, on the other hand the thought of taking scissors to a book just seems wrong.

    Looks like you had a good turn-out and everyone is smiling. That’s got to be worth the effort.

  4. It was fun, Rachael! And the book art they had for Christmas was stunning. Unfortunately my photo didn’t work as well as I hoped… But the hearts are gorgeous!

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