Simple notes

Sometimes the universe delivers lessons in the strangest of ways. We were invited to a friend’s house this afternoon to listen to a recital by two of her students. Marie is a retired concert pianist and still finds time to share her love of music with her students. Part of preparing them for their piano exams is having them play in front of an audience to help settle their nerves.

Today was also a dedicated writing day for me so I closed my computer a little reluctantly and headed up the street. Turns out the universe knew exactly what I needed and that was to be reminded of the simple beauty of music well played. I had an epiphany, one of those light bulb moments.

88 notes can create so many different emotions.  From light hearted dances, that made me think of picnics in the spring, to the dark treacle of a nocturne that conjured up images of old men, sat in smoky coffee shops on cobbled streets, reminiscing about their lost loves and tragic pasts, and sighing as young lovers strolled by.

It made me appreciate just how much emotion it should be possible to evoke with all the ‘notes’ or words at my disposal.

Thanks, Marie, for inviting us and a special thank you to Maori and Elle for sharing their wonderful gifts. Your beautiful music will be with me while I bring my characters and the village of Banksia Point to life.

Elle Tomita, Marie Van Hove-Parker, Maori Forsyth


7 thoughts on “Simple notes

  1. Hi Helene – wondering if Marie is still doing lessons, now at all? Wonder if you are able to forward my details ofr her consideration?
    Thank you

  2. Lost touch with Marie last year. I am an Ede and live in the US. Marie sent us 2 CD’s of her and David a few years back.
    Her email address fails now. Can anyone assist me?

    Brian & Linda Ede
    Harper, Ks 67058

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